Erasmus Tagebuch Mobility 1 – Germany

Friday 14.02.2020

How else to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2020, but to travel around Europe to meet dear friends?

The Portuguese delegationof the Erasmus+ project set out in the early morning hours to travel to Germany, meeting the Erasmus+ Club of the Oscar-Paret-Schule Freiberg am Neckar. A couple of hours later, the Latvian delegation landed in Stuttgart – eager to meet their German partners. Successively, the delegations, formed by six students of one country plus their teachers met their German hosts to spend an interesting, fun and educational week together. The last to arrive in Germany was the group of Spanish students and teachers, that reached Freiberg in the evening.

By the end of the day, the German participants in the project „Learning from the Holocaust“ could spend time with their international guests. The students already had had the possibility to contact one another via social media before, but digital communication cannot compare to the experience of seeing the person face to face. It is just like a date, that you arrange on one of the love-promising websites: you get matched, you chat online and eventually you meet in real life. How else to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2020?